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Over 1052 insurance brokers for Cyber Insurance

Over 1052 insurance brokers for Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance - Get expert cyber insurance assistance through an Insurance Broker. Cyber Insurance risks continue to rise. Ensure your business has adequate cyber insurance coverage.

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Over 168 insurance brokerages for Cyber Insurance

Over 168 insurance brokerages for Cyber Insurance

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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance is an insurance product that provides financial coverage for the loss associated with a cyber event occurs. Cyber events can include hacking, ransomware, loss of data or data theft.

Cyber Insurance coverage depends on the insurance policy that has been taken out. 

Usually Cyber Insurance provides coverage for financial losses to your business or your customers or others as the result of a cyber security breach.


Financial losses from a cyber security breach may include


Recovery of data and records.

Liability from loss of data.

Defence of legal claims.

Loss of revenue due to your business being interrupted. 

Paying ransoms to recover data.

Copyright infringement and intellectual property liabilities. 

Rebuilding and reestablishing security protocols and systems. 

Cyber Insurance costs are determined by the level of cover being sought, the sensitivity of the data and business operations being protected and the risk mitigation processes that have been put in place already. 

What is key to remember is that the cost of Cyber insurance is often a function of the coverage being provided, so cheaper Cyber insurance may not always offer the same levels of coverage as more expensive alternatives. You want to consider your coverage requirements first, and then seek to find and determine the costs associated.

Using an Insurance Broker for your Cyber insurance needs ensures that your business has managed its risks. Every business is different and an insurance broker can help by assessing your unique business risk profile and providing advice on the best insurance cover, including Cyber insurance for your business. An insurance broker will also help when it comes time to claim, advocating for you to negotiate the best outcome in the settlement of your claim with the insurer.

So whether it's damages caused by cyber theft, defective equipment, ordinary wear or deterioration or any deliberate or intentional act or omission, your Insurance Broker can assist you to be covered.

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Key Terms

Ransomware is malicious software that gets installed on a device as malware that can facilitate extortion. Ransomware is a type of cyber attack that Locks a computers content and displays a message requiring victims to pay a ransom to retrieve or unlock their data. Ransomware may lock a computers content and displays a message requiring victims to pay a ransom to unlock the computer or access their data.

Credential harvesting is a cyber attack that uses software installed on your device as malware. This malware is designed to harvest, record or collect a users sensitive credentials; such as email addresses, usernames, passwords and other personal data, when they are logging onto a website or inputting data on their device.

Identity theft is when a cyber attacker is able to build up a personal profile based on the information they can harvest about an individual online. The cyber attacker can then use this information to steal more personal information and ultimately an "identity". Eventually this allows them to make online transactions as if they were that individual, including applying for lines of credit, making purchases or transferring assets. Identity theft can happen quickly, and is often complex to reverse.

Phishing is when a cyber attacker makes a fraudulent request for an individual to login and update their details with a service provider or institution. Phishing is often done via an email with a link to a page set up to look like the original bank, financial or government institution or similar. Once the victim has entered their details, the attacker can use them to login to the legitimate institution and make updates or transactions. Phishing is often done at large scale and with great expertise and relies on a percentage of people being duped into following the instructions.

Cyber bullying is the use of online forums to harrass or intimidate an individual. This may be through public bullying or defamation, threats against a victim or invasion of privacy. The cyber bully may be a known contact, or the bullying may be completely online. Cyber bullying may begin with or include trolling.

Cyber Insurance FAQs

Cyber Insurance may be required by individuals and businesses in Retail and Consumer, Financial Services, Technology Sector, Fintech, IT Consultants, IT Services, Internet & Webservices, Website Designer, Online Marketing and Start-up.

Types of insurance that you may also consider alongside Cyber Insurance include Liability Insurance, Small Business Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance.

Talk to an insurance broker specialising in Cyber Insurance to find out if you need Cyber Insurance.

Advisr has 1052 insurance brokers and 168 insurance brokerages specialising in Cyber Insurance. To find the right insurance broker who specialises in Cyber Insurance, check out this page for specialist Cyber Insurance Brokers.

  • Read real customer reviews to learn more about them
  • Educate yourself about Cyber Insurance by reading articles written by insurance brokers that explain Cyber Insurance
  • Ask friends or colleagues to refer their Cyber Insurance broker to you and look them up on Advisr to read their reviews and connect with them.

Advisr is built to help you understand your insurance needs and find an insurance broker that is right for you.