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Advisr Frequently Asked Questions

Advisr Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance and Advisr

Insurance brokers help businesses and people to understand the risks that they face. They are experts at finding insurance coverage to reduce the economic impact when something goes wrong and a loss event occurs. Insurance brokers work for their clients and not for the insurers who provide the underlying insurance product.

Advisr connects people with an insurance broker they can trust. Advisr helps you to find an insurance broker who has expertise in the areas you are looking for. With insurance brokers from all over Australia, you can find and connect with an insurance broker that is right for you.

Insurance provides a guarantee that the impact you face, predominantly financial, during a loss event can be reduced. Some insurance is required by law to operate a business and other insurances are entered into voluntarily to provide cover and reduce the impact that a person or business might experience from potential loss events.

Advisr exists to connect people with an insurance broker they can trust. We are independent, transparent and seeking to connect customers with the right insurance broker for their needs. We do this by showcasing insurance brokers based on their category or industry expertise or by their location.

Advisr highlights both the individual insurance broker and the brokerage that they work for. We know that the name on the door and the person you deal with are important.

Advisr is based on trusted referrals, given by real customers, and we work with expert insurance brokers to enable them to educate and inform people who are looking for assistance with their insurance. Advisr connects people with an Insurance Broker they can trust.

Great question. Firstly, it is worth saying that Advisr is independent, transparent and 100% focused on delivering a great experience for you that helps to find an insurance broker you can trust.

We will be honest when an Ad is an Ad.

Advisr makes money through a few avenues.

  1. Insurance brokers and brokerages can opt to have an Advisr Featured profile. Advisr Featured profiles are shown on our homepage and given increased exposure on relevant insurance category pages. Advisr Featured profiles are randomly shown and brokers and brokerages need to be experts in the category they are listed in. Our fees are a flat monthly or annual subscription and provide brokers with increased exposure to a highly relevant audience.
  2. Sometimes brokers need some help creating content and our editorial team is engaged to assist them as and when required.
  3. Integrated advertising placements are an additional way we are remunerated.

We're happy to be transparent in letting you know how we make money and if you want to know more, then feel free to connect directly with our CEO, Andy Jamieson.

Advisr is independent of all insurance companies and insurance brokerage clusters, networks and groups. We work with any insurance company, insurance broker or brokerage or authorised representative where we see a way to support the intermediated insurance space.

So, if there is an insurance company, insurance broker or another insurance expert that we're not engaged with and you'd like us to, then please let us know and we'll engage with them.

No, Advisr is not a comparison engine. Advisr doesn't simply compare insurance based on price. At Advisr, we realise the value of good independent advice and want to make it easy for you to find an expert insurance broker or authorised representative that you can trust.

Advisr works for both businesses and individuals. As the insurance brokers listed on Advisr can service clients across the size and scope of the market.

Advisr exists so you can find the right insurance broker that you are looking for. So regardless of your size or complexity, finding an Insurance Broker via Advisr can help you manage whatever insurance requirements you have.

Great question! Advisr only provides factual advice and all content is not general advice or personal advice.

All posts written by authorised insurance brokers or authorised representatives highlight the associated author and their regulatory information, such as their AFSL, AR number, CAR number and ABN. These posts are provided by licensed insurance brokers and authorised representatives.

Our CEO, Andy Jamieson. He’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, questions and comments to help us to understand how we are going at connecting businesses and insurance brokers.

Or if you have a support related question, please reach out to our support channels –

About Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers operate on behalf of their customers. Insurance brokers understand both the potential risks that an individual or business may face and also the various insurance policy options and insurance providers that exist across the market.

Insurance brokers can help customers with hard to place risks to find an insurance provider that can meet their needs.

Insurance Brokers work for the customer and are independent of the insurers that they engage with on behalf of their clients. Insurance Brokers work for their customers and have their customers' best interests at heart. Insurance Brokers do not work for the insurer. Insurance Brokers help their clients to find and source available insurance that matches their needs and requirements.

Insurance Agents work for the insurance company that they represent. The Insurance Agent is aligned to the insurer whose policies they represent and sell. An Insurance Agent is not independent from the insurance company that they represent.

Insurance brokers help clients to reduce their risk by sourcing and matching their clients with appropriate insurance products. Insurance brokers work for their customers. Insurance brokers focus on understanding their customers' risks and exposure and their insurance requirements.

With almost 4000 Australian Insurance Brokers on Advisr, Advisr is the best place to find an insurance broker right for you. Asking for recommendations from others in your industry or area is a good place to start in looking for an insurance broker. You can search for that insurance broker on Advisr by name.

You can also search for an insurance broker by the type of insurance you need (insurance category), by your industry or by location depending on what is most critical to you. You can learn more about what a broker is like to work with by reading customer reviews left on Advisr. Educating yourself and reading articles by insurance brokers that explain different insurance lines, or dissect exposure to risk in different industries also helps you to find and select an insurance broker that understands your business or personal risk. We have hundreds of articles on Advisr to help you understand your insurance needs and find an insurance broker right for you.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers use Advisr to enable them to reach new customers and grow their online exposure. Advisr gives insurance brokers the tools required to quickly and easily have a great online presence. Advisr is a place to post and share your insurance related content and to find and connect with new customers.

  • Advisr enables insurance brokers to reach a wide audience of potential customers.
  • Advisr provides simple and user friendly tools that an insurance broker can use to quickly and easily establish themselves online.
  • Advisr enables insurance brokers to collect and highlight customer reviews and testimonials that are indexed by Google and available for customers to read and review.

Thousands of people go to Advisr to find and connect with an insurance broker.

In 2021, we anticipate that almost 100,000 people will come to Advisr and over 10,500 lead events will occur. Lead events include: email enquiries from customers, phone calls and clicks to insurance broker websites.

Any Insurance Broker knows that good business is about establishing a great reputation and generating referrals. What's the first thing someone does when given your name? They Google it. The Advisr team are experts in digital marketing and an Advisr Broker Profile will absolutely help you dominate in google.

Once they've found you, potential customers want to know more about you. Advisr has been designed to showcase your expertise by offering you a platform to post your original content. The ratings, reviews and reply function is also critical in building trust with your potential customers.

Without an Advisr Broker Profile you will lose out on finding new leads and giving customers a reason to choose you. Create your Advisr Broker Profile today! Need more assistance? Contact Advisr Support.

There are two ways to maximise the impact of your Advisr profile and receive more leads.

1: Advisr profiles that are rich in information receive up to 25x more views on Advisr

The most visited broker profiles include customer reviews and a profile pic. Here's how to add a great professional profile photo, encourage your customers to leave ratings and reviews and post your original content.

Maximise your exposure by logging in to your Broker Dashboard here.

2: Advisr Featured profiles are placed in areas of maximum visibility

On Advisr, our featured profiles receive the widest exposure to customers. Including exclusive rights to the Advisr homepage and to the top of insurance category pages. Advertising on Advisr is the number one way to get more leads. Explore our subscription packages here.

Upgrading to an Advisr Featured Profile is a sure-fire way to maximise your exposure on Advisr for 3 reasons.

1. Exclusive rights to the Advisr home page and each of the insurance category home pages.

2. Featured profiles are guaranteed to secure the top spots in customer searches on Advisr.

3. No distracting ads on your profile or articles!

So unless your name is Aaaaaron Insurance, upgrading to an Advisr Featured Profile is a great idea.

Take a look at our Subscription Advertising packages here.

Advisr Featured Profiles are available to both individuals and brokerages at the following rates:


Advisr Featured Profiles for Individuals

Individual Monthly – $99 + GST per month

Individual Annual – $999 + GST per annum


Advisr Featured Profiles for Brokerages

Business Monthly – $399 + GST per month

Business Annual – $3999 + GST per annum


Check out the full details for what is included in our subscription packages here.


We also offer enterprise level packages and custom solutions. Please get in touch with our CEO Andy to discuss your needs:

Curating your online presence to match your strengths and expertise is critical in getting strong and relevant leads on Advisr and in building your personal brand.

To edit the details in your Advisr Broker Profile you need to access your Advisr Broker Dashboard. This is done via the following steps:

  1. Login to Advisr
  2. Go to your Advisr Broker Dashboard
  3. Select the "Profile" tab
  4. Make the changes required
  5. Save your updated details


Forgot your password? Click here to reset your password. If your email address matches an existing profile you'll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Require more assistance accessing a profile? Contact Advisr Support.

Forgot your password? Click here to reset your password. If your email address matches an existing profile you'll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Require more assistance accessing a profile? Contact Advisr Support.

Creating an Advisr Broker Profile allows you to build an online presence and reach thousands of customers. It's quick and easy and you can edit or update any of the information at any time through your Advisr Dashboard.

Create my Advisr profile

Remember, it is important to have a great profile picture.

You'll want to add your regulatory information such as AFSL, ABN, AR and CAR numbers - so have them ready.

Your Advisr Broker Dashboard is your place to manage your Advisr Broker Profile and build your presence on Advisr. Every Insurance Broker with an Advisr Broker Profile has access to their Advisr Broker Dashboard by logging in to their Advisr account.


On your Advisr Broker Dashboard you are able to:

1. Upgrade to become an Advisr Featured Broker.

2. Manage your Advisr generated leads, seeing all customer contact details and information.

3. Update your Advisr Broker Profile, including your profile picture, contact details and information about who you are and your brokerage.

4. Upload your original content for publication to your Advisr Broker Profile, reaching Advisr’s thousands of visitors


So get busy building your Advisr Profile and sharing great content to attract new business.

Choosing a great Advisr Profile picture makes all the difference. To see why, here is a post about 7 things to avoid in a professional profile photo.


Tip: You can edit and crop your profile picture when adding it to your profile via your Advisr Dashboard. Login here.

It’s super quick and easy for someone to add a review to your Advisr profile. They don’t need to log in and it can be done in a few seconds.

Ask your best clients if they will leave you a review. We have some tips for how to get great reviews here.

To make sure they know where to click you can send them a link to your Advisr profile and copy and paste the instructions below:

  1. Head to my profile (insert your Advisr profile link here)
  2. Click the blue button: 'write a review'
  3. Add a rating by clicking on the stars
  4. Include your name and email address (your email will not be made public)
  5. Type your review into the white box
  6. Click the blue button: 'Submit'

Tip: You can now respond to reviews on Advisr. This helps potential customers know how you are going to treat them.

With Advisr's highly targeted audience of businesses looking for an insurance broker, Advisr is the number 1 place to publish your content. Adding original content to your Advisr Profile is a great way to showcase your expertise and build trust with potential customers.

You can self-publish simply via the Articles section within your Advisr Broker Dashboard. Simply:

  1. login to Advisr
  2. head to the "Articles" tab and try posting and article


Your article won't go live until it has been reviewed. So it is great to test and try it out and see how it works. For detailed guidance read: How to plan and write an article and how to post your content on Advisr. Articles are featured on relevant insurance category pages, on your profile and can be shared on the Advisr social media channels.


Advisr has an editorial team of expert content marketers for insurance brokers like you who want to showcase your expertise but don’t have the time to write an article. The Advisr team will talk with you about what you want to include and provide your article to you for review before posting on your behalf to your Advisr profile.

The cost involved is:

  • $500 + GST per article
  • $1500 + GST for a package of 5

There are great savings if you sign up for an Advisr Featured Broker + Content subscription.


For more information email us at


Our CEO, Andy Jamieson. He’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, questions and comments to help us to understand how we are going at helping you to extend your online reach and to grow your business.

Or if you have a support related question, please reach out to our support channels –


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